Mango Madness Results

$126.40 per Mango!That’s what the first tray of 10 Mangoes raised for Hattae Ucklun

Following the auction of the first tray of 10 mangoes kindly donated by Peter Woodward, Norfolk Blue Restaurant Grill & Bar wanted to see just how much that one tray could make for Hattae Ucklun.

Following a week of Mango Madness at Norfolk Blue where the chefs created a total of 6 dishes featuring mangos (2 entrees, 2 mains & 2 desserts), each of which attracted a donation, the results are in and the final number is $1264.00 – $350 from the auction, $100 from the Mango Muncher (Jimbo) for the seeds, $714 raised from donations during the week, plus another $100 late donation from another mango fan who was off Island and missed the opportunity.

It was a great week of fun and Norfolk Blue wishes to thank everyone who came out and supported the fund raiser.

Our picture shows Sheryl Buffett (Treasurer of Hattae Ucklun) receiving a cheque from Robyn Menghetti from Norfolk Blue Restaurant.