Norfolk Blue History

Norfolk Blue is the breed of cattle produced on 100 Acre Farm. It is a unique heritage herd which has evolved on the Island over many years. Its origins are believed to be from a “Blue Bull”, Gillie Bailey brought to the Island over 100 years ago which the locals nicknamed “Dr. Blue Suit”. It is also believed that Dr Blue Suit was an Angus/Shorthorn cross.

Since then the progeny of Dr Blue Suit have mutated with all the other British breeds we see on the Island, including Hereford, Friesian, Red Devon, Murray Grey (also a derivative of Angus/Shorthorn) to produce a lovely mid sized bluey grey hardy beast.

We are the only breeders of Norfolk Blue on the Island and this is the only place in the world where you will enjoy Norfolk Blue beef. All beef presented in our restaurant is managed by us to strict standard from paddock to plate.