Environmental Sustainability – Norfolk Blue

Norfolk Blue is committed to environmental sustainability and uses innovative procedures in order to achieve this.

The restaurant runs on a solar generation system, uses energy saving lighting and has an aquaponics system installed at the restaurant for organic production of produce.

Norfolk blue contributes not only to the environment but the local economy by breeding our own cattle to produce meat at less than 1km food miles.  We utilise all parts of the carcass, including bones and offal.  This eliminates the need for imported meat to be used in the restaurant.

Cattle pastures are harrowed to spread cow manure rather than the use of synthetic fertilisers.  On a smaller scale the restaurant practises water saving by capturing all excess water used in the restaurant and recycling it in the garden, also the installation of a water efficient commercial dishwasher.

We also use the spent animal fats, oils and coffee grounds to produce high quality, all natural soap.   With further development and refinement, this product will soon be available for purchase within the restaurant.